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We have interim accreditation by STAC (The Stack Testing Accreditation Council), ensuring our data is reliable.

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Call us at 610-762-3339 for
24/7 CEMS Technical Emergency Support Services, or Toll-Free at 866-809-2523 During Normal Hrs.

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Our Midstream Testing abilities satisfy RICE reqs: Part 60: IIII, JJJJ, & OOOO, & Part 63: ZZZZ, including on-site FTIR analyses.

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Professional Air Emission Testing Services

Our team of dedicated professionals has expert knowledge and extensive experience in performing air emission testing programs. We will help you design and execute an accurate emission testing program with guaranteed valid test results.

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CEMS/COMS Services

The CEMS/COMS Technical Division of Avogadro Environmental Corporation was formed in 2006 to provide technical support services for Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) and Continuous Opacity Monitoring System (COMS). Our highly trained, technically brilliant staff provides effective maintenance programs, expert training, quality equipment upgrades, quality assurance compliance and replacement parts.  We offer a complete range of CEMS/COMS services to ensure compliance with the applicable environmental regulations.

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Technical Consulting

The Technical Consulting division of Avogadro is now taking a new direction. More information soon to come.

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