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The CEMS Technical Division of Avogadro Environmental provides dedicated technical support services for Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) and Continuous Opacity Monitoring System (COMS).  Our professional staff has over 40 years of technical expertise in CEMS/COMS maintenance programs, equipment upgrades, quality assurance compliance training and replacement parts solutions to keep our clients emissions programs running smoothly. CEMS Technical has a proven track record of assisting our clients in complying with Federal, State and Local regulations.

Federal and many state regulatory agencies require that emission monitoring equipment report emissions from a source on a continuous basis.  Generally stated that means the CEMS/COMS must be reporting >90% uptime to be considered effective.  Anytime that the source is not reporting quality assured emission data,  the facility could be subject to fines, potentially could require a shut-down of production or a consent order to define how compliance will be attained/demonstrated. 

Case Study: Solution for Nationally Recognized Food Manufacturer

Avogadro’s CEMS Technical division received a call late on a Friday afternoon regarding the failure of a carbon monoxide continuous emission monitor (CEM) which recorded emissions on the exhaust of an oxidizer . The monitor was not reporting real time quality assured data.

Within two hours our technician was on-site to diagnose and temporarily resolve the failure.  However,  the analyzer model was no longer supported by the manufacturer and no replacement parts were available.  In this case, regulations allow for a replacement analyzer, provided it can be certified to report quality assured emission data.  In order to comply with regulatory requirements, Avogadro’s CEMS Technical personnel obtained and installed a temporary analyzer, conducted an audit to confirm the validity of the data until a permanent analyzer was in place.

Avogadro walked the customer through the process of determining  the correct permanent replacement solution for their CEMS. We integrated the new analyzer into the customer’s existing controls and state reporting system.  Avogadro’s Air Monitoring & Testing division  negotiated regulatory approvals and conducted the audit on the new CEMS.

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As a technologically driven health service organization, we will strive to ensure that all activity by or on behalf of the organization is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  It is a burdensome responsibility, but one that Geisinger Health System embraces as a part of corporate compliance. We rely on experts like Avogadro Environmental to help us to comply with our regulatory requirements. We have found Avogadro's staff to be knowledgeable and supportive, focused and trustworthy.
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