Client Satisfation/Testimonials

Avogadro’s client satisfaction continues to be one of our highest priorities. Our Customer Service follow up program provides us with feedback that is an integral part of establishing client loyalty while increasing our ability to actively address customer concerns.  At Avogadro we feel that every customer interaction is an opportunity to improve our services and we use the statistics from the follow up program to work harder improving our performance.   

But don’t take our word for it; see what our clients are saying:

Dear Mr. Wagner:

I would like to thank you and your staff for the recent work you performed on a difficult stack test.  In addition to the technical competency of the group, Avogadro personnel also demonstrated a willingness to put in extra effort which was necessary to deal with difficult production constraints.

We are looking forward to working with Avogadro again in the future.

Very truly yours,

Stonehenge Associates

As an environmental professional, I have realized that an essential ingredient to developing sound environmental programs is the creation of business “partnering” with environmental service companies.  Butter Krust Baking Company, Inc. has developed a rewarding business relationship with Avogadro Environmental Corporation.

Avogadro’s knowledgeable staff has performed a variety of air compliance services. Avogadro played an important role in providing data for our new catalytic oxidation system.  They not only provided timely data to Butter Krust, but also effectively communicated with environmental regulators on several occasions.  Their services were invaluable.

Butter Krust will continue to use Avogadro Environmental Corporation.  I would recommend their services to other companies in need of environmental compliance assistance.


Environmental & Safety
Compliance Coordinator
Butter Krust Baking

On behalf of Revere, I would like to thank your organization for the excellent customer services rendered and the professional demeanor of your staff.  Both Tom and Tim took the time in explaining concepts and procedures during the course of the stack test and the final report was accurate and concise.  In short, they were very responsive to our needs and we are looking forwarding to working with Avogadro in future projects.  Please do convey my personal thanks to Tom and Tim.


EH&S Compliance Manager
Revere Smelting & Refining

To Whom It May Concern:

Horiba Instruments, Inc. has worked successfully with Avogadro Environmental in numerous projects since 1997.  All of these projects, from the proposal stage through the publication and approval of the final test report were handled in a professional and cost effective manner.  Horiba strongly recommends Avogadro Environmental as a supplier of technically competent and timely certification testing and consulting services.

Best Regards,

Project Manager
Horiba Instruments, Inc.

Avogadro Environmental Corporation has provided a high quality, professional, and competitively priced emissions testing program to fulfill the Homasote Company’s needs.  Avogadro’s extensive experience and knowledge coupled with their personal attention to our situation have persuaded us to use Avogadro for all our testing needs.  We feel that we can rely upon them for timely and effective solutions.

Environmental Manager
Homasote Company

I have quarterly, annual, and other miscellaneous testing completed by Avogadro for my plant.  Avogadro has consistently completed the work accurately and on-time across the board.  The team at Avogadro always demonstrates hard-work and dedication to getting the job done and keeping us happy.  Thank you to all the staff there for all your work on our RATAs, oxidizer destruction efficiency testing, and VOC sampling, for which we always use your services.

Keep it up!

Environmental Compliance Manager
Safety Kleen

Dear Mr. Wagner:

I am writing to advise you of the positive experience I had working with several individuals of your company during a recent emission testing project at the Burlington County Resource Recovery Complex.

Let me start off by saying that although this seemed like a simple project, nothing went according to plan and your employees, Tom Brown, Tom Mattei and Doug Earls were very professional, flexible and diligent and I attribute the positive outcome of this project largely to them.

Tom Brown worked with me to ensure that the work that Avogadro was proposing to provide met the County’s needs and would also meet regulatory requirements of our Title V Operating Air Permit.  A protocol for the emission testing of the tub grinder (wood shredding device) was submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for approval in early February 2006.  I went out on family leave in late March and expected that we would receive approval of the protocol and that the emission testing would be scheduled, conducted and completed by the time I returned to work in mid June.

I returned to work in late June to find that after some questions were answered, DEP conditionally approved the protocol provided that the County could supply some additional information regarding the monitoring and documentation of fuel consumption of the tub grinder engine during the test.  Information was provided to satisfy DEP in this regard and Tom Mattei worked with DEP to schedule the mutually acceptable test date of July 6, 2006.

On June 26, 2006 I was advised by our supervising mechanic on site that the main drive belts on the tub grinder had broken and required replacement.  He requested that we postpone the testing for a week to allow enough time to order, purchase and install the new belts.  Tom Mattei immediately coordinated an alternate test date of July 14, 2006 with DEP.

During his contact with DEP regarding the alternate test date, they raised some additional questions regarding the fuel consumption measurement.  Tom Mattei and the DEP representative traded numerous emails on the issue, but the County was unable to get the specific information from the engine manufacturer that DEP was requesting.  Even though we were eager to move forward with the testing, Tom Mattei advised that he did not feel comfortable advising us to commence with the testing until DEP was completely satisfied.  Therefore, a decision was made by the County to postpone the testing yet again.

Tom Mattei and our supervising mechanic continued to press the engine manufacturer for the information, but to no avail.  They continued to be diligent and finally were able to get the information from someone at another company.  With the DEP finally satisfied, we scheduled the next available test date of July 21, 2006.

On July 20, 2006, Doug Earls, Avogadro’s field technician, was on site to set up and test his equipment and everything appeared to be in good working order.  I arrived at 8:00 a.m. the next morning to meet the DEP field representative who was to witness the test and was advised by Doug that the NOx analyzer was not working properly.  I was very concerned that the testing was not going to be completed, but Doug assured me that he had called your main office and another analyzer was going to be delivered by early afternoon.  It was a very hot, humid summer day, and an afternoon storm event with thunder, lightning and heavy downpours was predicted by weather forecasters.  I was concerned that even if another NOx analyzer was delivered, there would not be enough time to complete the three, one-hour test runs before the bad weather set in.

Instead of just sitting around and waiting for the replacement NOx analyzer to arrive, Doug took the initiative to take the broken NOx analyzer apart in an attempt to repair it.  Miraculously, Doug was able to fix the analyzer and commenced testing at 11:30 a.m.  We were able to run the three one-hour test runs and completed the last one just before an absolute teaming rain and thunderstorm.  I am convinced that if Doug had not persisted and fixed the equipment, the testing would not have been completed that day.

I was very impressed by the persistence and abilities of each member of your firm and look forward to working with you again in the future.

- L. E. VG.
Senior Solid Waste Planner

Two years ago, Avogadro Environmental Corp. was introduced to me.  At the time the NJDEP had issues with our previous testing company’s analytical approach to the regulatory requirements found in my air permit.

In discussion with Tom Mattei he recommended revising the test protocol and in doing so he successfully negotiated a technically sound approach that satisfied the NJDEP’s requirements.  Since then our reporting requirements have been met.  This event has now become routine and viewed as a normal regulatory requirement that is a part of doing business.  I would like to thank Tom Brown, Tom Mattei and staff who has and continues to provide East Windsor MUA with an outstanding degree of professional service.”

Wastewater Superintendent

Avogadro has had a business partnership with E&H Laminating for many years.

We have always been impressed with your responsiveness, attention to detail and knowledge of regulations.  It has been nice to work with on who can offer long tern solutions and strategies in addressing our regulatory issues.

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your services and to compliment you on your exceptional staff.

E&H Laminating

The staff at Avogadro took care of our air emissions testing needs for the Columbus Water Works (Columbus, GA) congeneration project.  They understood more than just the testing, they understood the process of getting the job done accurately, within our budget and on-time.

Project Manager
Brown and Caldwell

I have had the pleasure of working with Avogadro, Tom Mattei and his testing crews for several years now. My background has been strictly operations until a few years ago when I joined the environmental team here in Frederick. Most of the testing protocols and procedures were Greek to me to say the least. Tom and the Avogadro team have consistently gone out of their way to help me gain an understanding of the testing, audit and certification requirements as they pertain to our industry. He has demonstrated time and again that he is strictly a ‘by-the-book’ individual in all aspects of his operations. Being a newcomer to the environmental industry, this professionalism gives me a high degree of confidence and security. I would recommend

Avogadro to any company looking for exceptional service.

- A.H.,
Environmental – Packaging, Bulkloading
Essroc Italcementi Group

Essroc and Avogadro have been working together for many years. I wanted to take a moment to affirm our relationship and acknowledge the work but forth by your staff.

Generally speaking, I look to four areas of a business that help mold a long term relationship; communication, responsiveness, technical competency and value. Avogadro has excelled in all
areas and helped make Essroc a good environmental steward to our community.

I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

Environmental Manager
Essroc Italcementi Group

Avogadro has had a strong relationship with Ferro Corporation for several years.

We have always found your approach to be consistent and ethical.  Your staff, from accounting through project management, is professional, courteous and technically competent.

Thank you for helping Ferro comply with its obligations to our environment.

Environmental Compliance Specialist
Ferro Corporation

Although I have a long history of working with your firm and have always been very satisfied with your results, the recent compliance test at the Harrisburg Resource Recovery Facility was an exceptionally noteworthy performance.  This was by far the most complicated testing program I have been involved with, with 15 different sampling methods, tests on three units, and some inlet testing as well.  Avogadro’s professionalism and attention to detail were commendable both during the test itself and in the preparation of the reports that followed.

I also want to commend your staff on their responsiveness to questions and comments I raised in the review of the draft report.

I look forward to working together on future projects and will always consider Avogadro for my stack testing needs.

-F.P.O., P.E.
Osman Environmental Solutions, LLC

Avogadro is a first rate Company. Whenever we have had the opportunity to refer them to our clients their level of service and professionalism has been unmatched. On the projects we have worked on together on they have provided us with additional support via phone and field visits to help clarify any issues we may run into. Our company, Servpro of Easton, Bethlehem & Whitehall, performs mold remediation services to government, commercial and residential clients. When dealing with mold, the timelines are tight and Avogadro has always been able to meet them. Once again, the level of service is first rate.

Vice President
Servpro of Easton, Bethlehem & Whitehall

The Avogadro staff is fully competent and well organized.  They understand more than just the testing, they understand the entire process of getting the job done accurately, within budget and on-time.  My rating:  10/10

Homasote Company

Recently, Avogadro completed an emission test program at our facility. We were introduced to Avogadro through one of our business partners as we had never performed a stack test before.

This project was a priority for CNH. Our objective was to amend our air permit as expeditiously as possible to use an alternate fuel. Changing to an alternate fuel would save us thousands of dollars per month.

Avogadro, understanding our objectives went right to work. They developed, negotiated and obtained an approved protocol within a month of authorization to proceed. Avogadro then worked in concert with the regulators to schedule the test and issued the report within a couple weeks of completion.

During the project, I found your staff to be very professional, exhibiting strong communication skills. Those skills alone put my mind at ease and helped me to develop confidence that the project will be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

CNH is committed to grow and create value by supplying innovative products and services to maximize our customers’ success. Partnering with firms like Avogadro help us to achieve our vision. Thank you!

W.K. Environmental Engineer
CNH America

As a world leader in the engineering, design, development and manufacture of industrial pollution control and emission abatement equipment, CSM Worldwide relies on strategic business partners, such as yourself, to be a part of our solutions team.

It isn’t often enough that we say thanks to our partners. For many years, Avogadro has performed stack emission testing and provided other environmental services with a high level of competency and ethics to assist us in demonstrating compliance with air quality regulatory requirements. We want to thank you for providing a technically brilliant management team which, at the end of the day, offers a great value to CSM and our customers.

M.C., Project Engineer
CSM Worldwide Inc.

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