Quality Assurance

Avogadro Environmental Corporation maintains QA/QC plan that presents principles, practices, policies and procedures used to assure the integrity of data collected. The activities, procedures, and policies can be divided into quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) activities, and are distinguished by the two independent functions they serve.

Avogadro’s services comply with ASTM D 7036-04, Standard Practice for the Competence of Air Emission Testing Bodies. Avogadro has received interim accreditation by the Stack Testing Accreditation Council (STAC), which is the accrediting body for ASTM D 7036-04.

Quality control activities are a series of routine activities conducted to provide quality data. The quality control activities include the practices and procedures performed on a daily basis that directly affect the quality of the data collected.  Many QC activities are enumerated in the test methods themselves.

Quality assurance activities are performed to determine if QC functions are effective in maintaining the collection of accurate data. Quality assurance procedures involve less frequent external checks on data accuracy.

All activities follow USEPA and individual state QA/QC requirements, which include proficiency and audit testing. Avogadro maintains applicable state certifications, where necessary, to perform laboratory analysis and stationary source testing.

As part of QA, all protocols and reports are subject to a four step hierarchical review prior to submittal:

  • Review by the  preparer of the protocol or report. 
  • Review by the Technical Support Services Supervisor for completeness and accuracy. 
  • Technical review by the Quality Manager.
  • Final review by the Project Manager and subsequent discussions with the team regarding technical or compliance issues.

When appropriate, reports are certified by a staff licensed professional engineer (PE) or a staff certified industrial hygienist (CIH).